The Importance of Blow Jobs

So, how important is a good blow job? Does human value go up if one is able to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch or does it matter more to just do the old suck-n-swallow without much fanfare? Or is the big lead on to the moment of release the most important?

I was thinking a lot about it today.

Sort of analyzing how blow job is a lot like life and work. The deeper one takes it and the more hot luv swallowed — the more power you are perceived to have. Sort of like —- to be a key player one has to be able to handle the really big swallow.

This hidden coverage of my day at the office. Over all, it was sort of like giving charity blow jobs all day. Maybe a hand-job would be a better analogy.

Anyway, all and all it wasn’t a good day. Sometimes, a lot of times, blowing can be fine —- but sometimes it can just be so worrying.

Floss, anyone?

I apologize for my sloppy and cryptic post. But, hey — it is my bit of space!

your fave blow monkey!

March 31, 2004. Uncategorized.

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