Unusual Sites I Have Discovered

I have stumbled across some interesting sites as of late and thought I would share them with those of you who may stumble upon my little bit of space!

Really cute guys! Check them out! …soon. Am thinking about subscribing just for the hell of it!

Sweet Action to Come

I LOVE afro hairstyles — Seriously, I do. Anyway, check this out!

Afro Hair Show!!

For the lazy transvestite who just does not have time to do her make-up!

Put Your Mask On!

…now, do not be too frightened —


It is just a world of leather fashion and one just has to love it!

Whitaker Malem

This site provides access to some way-cool toys — most of which I do want badly.

Toys Matt Needs!!

I am unable to think of why one would really want this, but it is really kind of cool!

Loud Machine

Like a car wreck — you sort of have to look — and check out that snazzy shirt!

Pam’s Shirt

This scares me, but makes me very curious — your Asian Plastic Lover Boy! Maybe we all need one!

Asian Doll!

Cool web site and store!

Bean Wax

Make-up for men! I think this is like base for men…?

Color Lotion

Another cool site and store! Art is Rat spelled backward…


March 30, 2004. Uncategorized.

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