Uh, Oh — Pissed-Off and Damned Angry!

Just had to put up one more little post. My better half, Karl, is really pissed off! …And rightly so! Check out his blog! Also, check out our dinner from last night! …So very Cher — and I mean this in a very good way. I loved her MERMAID finger food meals! Also, please check out the picture he has posted of us. My teeth look yellow. Like really yellow.

I am now convinced that I must haul my fat ass off to “Brite Smile” this Saturday and get my teeth zapped brite white! Please tell me that the lighting was just bad on the photo!!! Please! Would Karl and my friends allow me to walk around with teeth this yellow???? I hope not!!!

Oh, and be sure and ask Karl about The Monkees. Apparently, back in the late 80’s when they enjoyed a brief resurgence —- he thought that they were a new group. For some reason when I asked him to clarify this today he got almost as upset with me as he is with our lame ass governor!

Oh! I almost forgot — I also have found myself addicted to the personals section of Disinformation!! I like to go in and select various sexes and various zip codes to see what pops up. Warning — it can be addictive, but loads and loads of fun! One doesn’t even have to create a profile to jump in and look at other profiles. Don’t get the wrong idea — am not responding to anyone as a fake person or making fun. I just enjoy seeing all of the profiles by zip code. I can do a search as a woman looking to meet a man in a Texas zip code. Or I can do a search as a woman looking for a woman in Ohio or I can search as a man looking for a man in Idaho! Just too much fun!

March 30, 2004. Uncategorized.

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