Up the Nose and on the Lip

Well, I am waiting for 10:30am to roll around. That is when we head to Mass General for my next little surgery. The surgeon is going back up my nose —- way up my nose to address a new tiny mass of veins that have gathered resulting in more nose bleeds. And, I have another very tiny little mass of them on my lower lip. However, it should be noted that one is unable to see it. You have to look really hard. Anyway, he is going to eliminate that from my lip. So, in addition to about 10 pounds of packing up my right nostril I will also have something on my lower lip.

I will be really pretty.

My goal was to stay up all night so that I would be really sleepy when I went to the hospital and wouldn’t be all freaked-out waiting in that skimpy little outfit for them to be me on that rolling table thing for the anestesia dude to shoot me up and out. However, I had to go to bed at 2am —- got up at 5am to take my meds, but then fell asleep til 8am. So, this is more sleep than I had bargained for. Oh well.

I will be on my back, so to speak, for the next 4 to 5 days. I have many DVD’s to watch. And I still need to update my movie blog as I saw INTERMISSION at the cinema the other day. I have a lot of Japanese movies on DVD that I am dying to see so that might be cool if I can stay awake with the pain meds. I am really getting into Japanese cinema. Also, I have a pre-order arriving this week from France and another of Ingmar Bergman’s SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE. I believe Woody Allen was deeply inspired by that and by AUTUMN SONATA (sp?) which I really liked. So I hope to enjoy the 4 hour Scandanavian flick about a marriage falling apart. Happy!

By the way, for those of you who read Karl’s Blog — I did not get sick out of anticipation for barbra’s appearance on the Actor’s Studio. I think I was just upset from work. It is so nice to have your bodily functions shared with the WWW by your lover. Oy! By the way, I was disappointed by Babs on that show. Same old stuff — no new insights into her work. However, she looked like pure butta!

March 25, 2004. Uncategorized.

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