Baby’s Porn

Once a month when Karl is making his usual mail call to me as I stumble in from a rough day at work, he announces — Baby’s porn has arrived! He is, of course, referring to my latest issue of UNZIPPED magazine. I think I have mentioned it before. It is the Tiger Beat for the gay porn generation. A fan magazine for gay porn fans! You know, you get to find out what it was like the first time Jeff Stryker took it up the butt AND his favorite kind of wine for a romantic evening!

I just love this magazine. It is so wrong, but so very, very right. April’s issue features the best looking porn star I have seen since Joey Stefano! His name is Arpad Miklos –and UNZIPPED has penned him the Hunky HUNG-arian. Yes, Arpad is from Hungry, enjoys the ocean, guys who like to laugh, chocolate, techno music and guys who know how to bottom and take his huge –uh, gift.

Arpad’s gift is thicker than my wrist and about as long as my arm. Kind of scary to think about — but he is sooo cute! I will try to find a link so that you can see him! Well, for some reason the site has not been updated to show my new love, Arpad. But here is the link!

I wave my porn magazine high and proud! I rejoice in the promotion of porn stars as idols. …and the April issue has great articles entitled ELF LOVE and THE BUTT WRANGLER and DON’T BE A TIGHT ASS — TIME TESTED TIPS ON TOPPING A TOP!! You just have to love it all. Yes, Baby’s porn is a delight!

I have fallen twice today and have had sugar. And I suspect I may be having more as Karl is baking cookies.

Oh, if any of the above worries you — I do think I may have located a shrink. There are just far too many neurotics in this city and not enough shrinks to guide us! This has taken me forever!

Sending love across the Blogging Universe!

March 2, 2004. Uncategorized.

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