I’m Back!

The move is over and we are back in Boston! Whoo-Hoo! We are enjoying our cosmopolitan digs! We close on the Salem property next week.

As Tim noted in his comment from my post of 1/26 — the posts had been a bit down as of late. Work had been really difficult and I think moving just stresses me out — as well as signing my life away on mortgages — but I am emerging from the gloom a happy man!

Last night I dreamt of pink balloons and an odd sexual encounter with a grocery store clerk in the produce section. You know, it sounds kinkier than it actually was.

We are planning our house warming party and sent out the e-vites last night.

No big adventures to report, but you never know what tomorrow may bring…

Oh, so is the new Air CD good or bland? I can’t decide. — Oh, and does anyone know how to clean real hardwood floors? We don’t — and something dripped on the floor in the kitchen and we can’t get the little drops to clean up. …don’t ask.

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