Hey Happy!

I saw this really unusual low-budget gay flick called Hey Happy! this weekend. Although I think it would need to fall into the category of guilty pleasures — I really enjoyed. Rather twisted and odd. Came across like a movie made to be a bit of a cross between something Guy Maddin and John Waters would have made.

Also took in My Architect: A Son’s Journey in Cambridge with my brother, Roy. I did not care for the film. I found it rather self-indulgent. I think a documentary film maker needs to be really talented to put himself in his film. This guy was not up to par — if you ask me. I think Roy liked it, tho.

Maurice finally came out on DVD and I picked up my copy today! I am all excited and wanted Karl to watch it, but he seems to be completely uninterested. Oh well. I think that was on of the first movies I saw that dealt with being gay in a romantic way. I remember having such a crush on Rupert Graves — wonder what ever became of him? Wow — I don’t think I’ve seen that movie since I drove in to Houston to see it when I was in college. 1987 or 1986? I will have to check on the DVD package.

I had to go into the office on Saturday to catch up on some work. No big deal, but I know that it is going to feel like I never left the office when I walk in tomorrow.

Oh! So, I think I have already mentioned that I gave up sugar in an attempt to drop some more pounds in prep for the upcoming summer so I will look pretty when I skinny-dip in the PTown waters! Anyway, no more Coke or Pepsi for breakfast — I did not want to deal with the whole caffeine crash thing so I opted to drink a bit of black coffee. At first I hated it, but after my first half of a large cup from Dunkin Donuts it suddenly hit me — this rush of energy. I fucking love coffee — I have been missing out on it for all of these years! I cannot wait to pick up my cup tomorrow morning! Plus the taste of the black coffee is so bitter that the Diet Coke I have with my lunch tastes sweet and good in comparison!

I have been listening to that Kiss Kiss song by Yoko Ono all weekend. Over and over again. Not sure why, but I have been enjoying it. Does anyone have an opinion of that new band, Xiu Xiu (pronounced Shu-Shu)? I rather like that Fabulous Muscles song. However, I think that there sound is a little too Seattle or something.

I have to say I do not have much interest in the Oscars. They just never seem to nominate the movies I like — the only three up that I really loved are Lost in Translation, American Splendor and The Lord of the Rings. How could they have not taken notice of Elephant??? Every year I get less and less interested in the Oscars.

Hope everyone had a kick-ass weekend!!

February 29, 2004. Uncategorized.

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