The House Is Warmed

The house warming party was a lot of fun. I just wish there were a way to host a party and have time to really talk to everyone — instead you have to circulate, introduce and ensure that everyone has beverage/food. Just enough time to get into little chats or join in for a minute and then you have to move to another part of the room. But I had a blast. The last guest left at about 1am this morning.

We had a very nice turn-out. I hadn’t seen our pals, Pete and Duncan, in so long and I also hadn’t seen Bill and Dan in quite a while. Bill turned out to be a really cute drunk! lol! And sexy Tom of Rhode Island graced us with his presence! He is so cute — I teased him a bit and I suspect that pay back with be a true gay bitch! lol! My dear co-worker, Cheryl and her partner, Mal, joined us as well — all the way from New Hampshire! I had never met Mal and it was nice to finally meet him after all of these years! I hadn’t seen Damian’s partner, Charlie in about 2 years —- they brought us DVD’s of a gay tv movie we were unable to see at the time it aired! Jack, the best real estate agent this side of the South End came too! Dave and Heather brought a kick-ass cheese cake and their fun selves to the evening. It was cool to meet Brian’s wife, Eileen. It was also most cool to meet Julie’s hubby, Rob! And Chris and Robert brought much charm and wit to the evening! Jason and Dave came by for a while, but had to leave early to attend a swank “do” with the cast of Showtime’s “Queer As Folk” —– Dave promised to kiss Peter Page for me! The really sad thing is that neither Dave or Jason watch QAF! Not fair! Anyway, we really enjoyed and appreciated everyone coming! It was much fun!

Our friend, Jason, really ran the show for us. He made all of these delicious high-end goodies like one sees on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy — sharing both his chief talents, taste and his tools of the trade! We had proper plates and serving dishes for our party thanks to J! —- and then he stayed and helped us clean up! Such a doll! However, it should be noted that he has yet to come thru on his promise to dance naked for everyone!! …Maybe next time! It should also be noted that Bill revealed he has a tongue of obscene length and demonstrated some amazing abilities to move just the tip in a number of directions! We were impressed!

My best friend, Bethie, finally got to meet my brother — which I was most pleased about. Oh! And a long lost dear friend, Doug, turned up much to my delight! Now that I am back in Boston we have pledged to get together and hang!! I am going to be getting back into Doug’s gay men’s reading group — the next book is entitled “Three Junes” — can’t wait!

Aside from all the dear gifts Jason brought to the party, Bill and Dan brought us some gorgeous Waterford crystal goblets! Karl and I felt so chic! We had asked that no one bring gifts, but so many did! Angie and Carlton brought us some fab-u towel sets, Bethie got us an interesting book of erotica thru the ages, Bryan and Adam brought us home-made candles and soap!, Cayte and Rob brought us a beautiful boutique, Marguerite got us a nice little kitchen witch, some way-cool candles — and a leopard-spotted broom(!) — and everyone brought loads of sweets and bevies!

We all got a bit noisy, but we received no complaints.

Got to bed around 3:30 this morning. Woke up and decided to take in the new Meg Ryan movie, Against the Ropes. Call me a chump, but I rather liked it. However, it should be noted for the record that Meg is no longer cute. Who — we ask, will take her place as the cute actress of the naughts???? One will have to wait and see. Are movie stars really cute anymore? They all seem to be getting more and more synthetic!

February 22, 2004. Uncategorized.

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