Nice Fancy Dancing

The other day I decided to play an old Olivia Newton-John CD in the car — later that night my brother and I were on our way to see a movie. The song “Physical” came on and it made me think back to when Roy was a toddler and how much he loved to jump around to that song.

In fact, he had 3 favorite dancing songs as a toddler and we all used to love to put them on and watch him bust a baby move! I reminded him that, in addition to “Physical”, he also loved “Heart of Glass” by Blondie and “The Main Event” by Barbra. I asked him how this made him feel — to discover that he boogied to these disco hits as a small child. Roy listens to old-guard punk like Crass and Sex Pistols — so I was expecting some sort of answer along the lines of “horrified”, but all he said was that it made him feel “nice” Not the amusing answer I was wanting.

Wow — we move on Friday. Am starting to get excited and very nervous. I just hope the crappy elevator in this building doesn’t break on the day of our move — and that the snow storm hits and is over before Friday. I can just imagine how much fun it will be to have the movers use the stairs and drive all of our stuff in the snow. Ugh.

Wow– and only a few more rides on the horrid commuter rail! Yeah! Actually, I thought I would be driving all this week, but I have had to face the fact that I was wrong and all of the rest of you were correct. I am a lousy driver. I had another little accident last week and it was my fault. Luckily, it did not hurt our car — but I cracked the other driver’s bumper. So I decided that I will do no more driving as we near the move out of Salem and the sale of our car next week. It would just be my luck to total it or something.

Karl and I finally settled the dispute over my 1975 “Tommy” movie poster which he hates and I love. We had it professionally framed. It looks awesome and it will look even better hanging somewhere in our new home!

By the way, it looks like our access to the internet and email will be down for a few days so I may not be able to make many posts over the next week or so — however, I’ve not been making too many posts this past week anyway. It has been a bit busy.


January 26, 2004. Uncategorized.

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