Adventures in Montreal, A Flirt from a Stranger and a Painting of a Pear!

Hey! Happy New Year! As we move into 2004 we are preparing to move to our new condo in Boston, awaiting the arrival of my brother — and my mom later in the spring! This will be a year of change and cool things!

We had a great time in Montreal
! You will note that we have not quite mastered the use of the digital camera I got Karl for Christmas, but those are our first attempts. We did a lot of shopping and eating! I suspect that we’ve both put on some pounds — Karl can afford to do that. I can’t! Ugh!

As we aren’t really club people and Karl had no interest in even checking out the bars we visited in the past — we saw a couple of movies in the evenings as I refused to go back to the hotel room before 10pm! We saw “Mona Lisa Smile” …don’t ask. And we saw “The Triplets of Belleville” at one of the English speaking cinemas, tho I am not sure why one needs an English version of that film — very limited speaking moments. A most interesting film.

Karl really wanted to just chill out one night so I went out on my own. I headed to this cool cinema that was showing an Australian film called “Alexandra’s Project” — a very effective thriller. If it makes it to the US — you gotta see it! Anyway, a French-Canadien hit on me! I seem to be getting hit on a lot as of late. As I was in a different country I was more open and allowed this individual to sit with me to watch the movie. I explained that I was in a LTR and he was cool about it — tho, he continued to pursue the idea of a few drinks after the film — which I declined. His name was Stefan. I made a point of walking away in the opposite direction once we walked out of the cinema —- luckily for me, that direction did lead me back to our hotel! I am always so damned lost! It is really sad.

Discovered a lot of great French music and was even able to pick up the latest from Kylie which has yet to find its way to the US! Ugh! Actually, it was kind of like a dream come true for me. I ran through Quebec’s largest CD store and spent $300 (Canadian dollars) on CD’s!!! Karl was most annoyed, but I had a blast!

Karl purchased a way cool leather jacket! He looks most hot in it.

We made a point of visiting the Montreal Museum of Fine Art so that we could take in this show about the 1960’s. The coolest part of the exhibit was Janis Joplin’s porche which is covered with way-cool paintings! I am so glad that her family didn’t give it to her home town in Texas. They never appreciated her. The folks at this museum were loving her car — as were we!

Now, for some reason I have become obsessed with finding a painting of a pear for our new condo. Not sure why, but I knew we must find one. I considered asking my brother to paint one for us, but I worried that this request might compromise his artistic integrity. Anyway, while we were roaming the beautiful old section of Montreal we came across the perfect painting of a pear! …the only way we could legitimize the purchase was to cut our hotel stay short by a day. We decided it was worth it. So, our pear is ready to be hung. Looks like we may get to close on the new place before the beginning of February!!! Yeah!

I saw the sequel to “The Decline of the American Empire” today. It is called “The Barbarian Invasions” — I loved it, but would not have cared much for it had I not seen the first film. I am not even sure if most folks realize that it is a sequel. Anyway, it is quite good and filled with scenes of Montreal!

Well, happy new year! Here’s to 2004! Much love and peace to you all!

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