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So I saw “Calendar Girls” Friday night with my pal, Jen. I enjoyed the movie, but really had a much better time just catching up with Jen who I’ve not had the ability to hang with in quite some time. The movie was cute.

Against the advice of Jen I saw “21 Grams” this afternoon (Saturday – I think it may already be Sunday morning. ?) — mainly because Sean Penn looked so hot in the commercials I had seen. All brooding and naked! Little did I know we were supposed to believe he was suffering from, like, totally severe heart probs and had been on a waiting list for a new heart for over a year and then got a heart transplant — yet he was able to maintain exceptional body tone and a tight ass. …So much for realism, but I thought the acting in the movie was decent.

However, it was over 2 hours of misery without any big pay-off other than the fact that every human loses 21 grams at the time of death. It did not, however, answer the more profound question of how many of the 21 grams were actually fat loss vs. soul exit. This frustrated me. At any rate — if this little theory is actually true (I suspect it is not) — then we all get to lose a bit of weight at the time of death. And, I figure that should count for something! “Go ahead — go toward the light — You’re getting thinner! Yes!!”

As I sat with my tub of popcorn and vat of soda in the cinema this afternoon, I thought about my love of going to the movies. Why do I enjoy it so? I know I find it relaxing — the only time I am aware that I totally stop thinking about a zillion things and just concentrate on the story being projected on the screen infront of me. I also really just enjoy the escape of it. Not to imply that I enjoy “happy/fluffy” movies — because I usually do not — but I do like getting lost in a story and just escape being me for a while. It is a form of escape I can’t seem to get from books, music or TV. Gee, that sounds kind of sad — but it really isn’t. Actually, I supect that sitting in the dark eating lots of popcorn and drinking loads of soda while watching Sean Penn get it on with Naomi Watts is a healthy experience. Right?

We also saw about 7 condos today. I fell in what I would call slo-love with one. A great space with all new fixtures — in fact, no one has yet lived in it! But it seems to be a bit out of our league price wise. It should be noted that this little problem has never stopped me before. Karl really liked it too — so we are thinking about trying to pursue it and offer a really low price and see how much bargaining room we might have. Of course the lady who is buying our place really needs to sell her house so we can get rolling here! Someone else wants to look at our place for the third time — if she decides to make an offer we want to accept we just have to give our current buyer 24 hours to move to close. So, please keep your fingers crossed!

We’re seeing the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus perform their annual holiday show Sunday night. Our pal, Jason, is joining us for the musical fun! Am looking forward to it! But first we have to go to the North Shore Mall and Karl has to find a gift for his mother. This part of the day will not be much fun. Karl is not a very solid shopper and never takes my advice first time around — so we amble about for several hours throughout the mall but always end up back in the first store purchasing the item I originally suggested. Ah, fun at the holidays!

Oh, and a confession here — a few weeks ago I secretly purchased the new Enrique Iglesias CD and I, like, totally love it. I think Enrique really brings out the inner-8th grade girl who dwells inside of me. That little girl has been searching for a replacement for Andy Gibb since the day Andy passed away. I thought for a while the replacement was going to be Robbie Williams, but he let me down and got way too many tatoos. Enrique could be the one! I have kept the CD in our car for quite sometime — I finally brought it in tonight. I was worried Karl would make fun of me — however he just read this over my shoulder and only commented that I was spelling Enrique’s name wrong. I corrected it.

Well, I should get to bed as it is after 1am, but I am just not sleepy.

December 20, 2003. Uncategorized.

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