OK — so I’ve been dealing with an odd, and most annoying, problem with my nipples. Yes, it seems awkward to even write that down, but it is true. The doctors thought it was related to some meds I had been on this past summer. So I went thru a lot of blood work. All of it came back as normal with no hormonal issues.

The doctors were a bit stumped.

So, the next thing to do was to make sure it was not this Pagets Disease of the Nipple (male breast cancer) Went in to have the mamogram done this afternoon. I’ve had the appointment for about a week. I’ve been having nightmares, panic attacks and was generally terrified. I felt like such an idiot at the clinic today because my hands and knees would not stop shaking. Anyway my “former” pleasure bumps and breast areas hurt — and being that I do not have boobs I was warned that the mamogram process would be quite painful.

They were not lying.

The whole process seems rather barbaric and mean if you ask me. There has just got to be a better way to do these things. You know, it is like Alice Cooper used to sing, “Only women bleed” …Oh my God — it kills!!!! On top of that the technician didn’t get a good picture out of one of the four so we had to do one again! She would position me as close as she could to these flat plates and then she had to push/pull my nipples and skin on to the plates, press a button and the plates shut down onto my nipple/skin mass. …then she took the picture. I just bit my lower lip and tried not to cry.

However, there is a good ending. I was asked to wait in the examination room and a doctor came in and told me that all four pictures revealed that there was no sign of cancer! Yeah! I was so relieved.

The doctor told me that although this is not cancer-related — something is wrong. The breast tissue on my right side is inflamed and, of course, the nipples just don’t look right. I feel so attractive. Anyway, I guess it is back to the doctor again. I keep wondering if it some kind of alergic reaction to something or derm related. …but no more cancer worries!

December 18, 2003. Uncategorized.

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