Oh My God…

i turned 37 today.

karl has orchestrated a party of sorts for me — against my wishes. i have to be home by 7pm or i am in trouble. i can’t remember if it is supposed to be a secret/surprise. uh, oh. i don’t like having birthday parties for myself.

i got an email card from my best friend that stated —“you’re old, but at least you smell good” I did laugh.

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Too Much

I have too many DVDs and CDs. Just too many. I’ve no room for anymore. So, I’ve combed thru my collection and have pulled some out to sale to a local record store which sells used DVD/CD’s. It kinda hurts because my normal rule of thumb is to rid myself of items which I’ve not played or touched for more than 6 months. I figure, if I don’t play something for that long time —- I really don’t need it. However, my collection has grown to the extent that this approach no longer applies. Just because I haven’t watched “All About Eve” for over a year doesn’t mean that I don’t love it. I just haven’t the time to watch and play everything.

This happened to me once before — back in 1991 when I moved myself from Texas to Boston. All I brought with me was $600, my clothes, a sleeping bag, my stereo and my CD’s (there were no DVD’s back in ’91) Anyway, I had over 500 CD’s at that time. Far too many. At that time it took me a while to find a job so I ended up selling 450 of my CD’s for rent/food. …I would sooner starve than sell any of my Barbra Streisand CD’s or the first 2 Bette Midler albums.

Anyway, I am no longer in the position of having to really worry about money. So, this makes it much harder to decide with what I shall depart. Do I really need the entire catalog of The Lords of Acid or Grace Jones? I say “yes” — Do I really need all of my Tricky CD’s? Once again, I say “yes” — so you see the problem I’ve run into.

I did pull several — more DVD’s than CD’s. Am going to sell them later today. Lunch money. We’re also going into Boston to see “Elf” — and we are showing the condo to a potential buyer later tonight.

No one is liking the final Matrix movie, but I have to see it as I’ve seen the first two. I just can’t see skipping the final one. Oh! Be sure to see “Die Mommie Die” — it is so excellent. I love Charles Bush — however, I do not think that is the way he spells his name and I’m far too lazy to look it up on the Internet Movie Dbase.

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An English Major’s Wet Dream

I saw “Sylvia” today with a sold out crowd at a tiny theatre in Danvers, MA. It was a good film and filled with intellectual references and many quotes from the masters. Actors brooded and debated over the meaning and power of poetry. There were scenes of poetry readings and poetry parties. Made me feel like a fresh, young English major. Which I was at one time.

Of course living in the bell jar was just too much and Sylvia finally managed to off herself. It was sad. And shortly after we see her dead face and her handsome poet- husband kissing it —- the screen fades into falling autum leaves and words appear on the screen reminding us that Ted Hughes later died of cancer. Then the credits rolled. The lady next to me was crying. I turned to her and said in my most up-beat voice, “happy movie!” — she laughed.

It really is so sad we lost Plath so early. I wonder what else lingered inside that head that was never shared. I guess I didn’t know that much about her. I didn’t know she had kids and I thought she died in NYC, not London. hmmm.. I wonder if Ted Hughes was really as hot as the actor who played him.

Gwenyth Paltrow really looks more like Mia Farrow than her mom. Just my opinion.

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Haircut Orgasm…

Today I took a walk on my lunch hour and stopped by a salon to have my haircut. Now, I haven’t that much hair and I keep what I have very short so I didn’t expect to be there very long. I was thinking that after the haircut I would run next door to this wonderous Sweedish candy store and pick up a champagne truffle. I swear — that truffle is just as good as sex.

Anyway, the stylist insisted that we not take it as short as I wanted and she took her time cutting. After the cut was done she told me that she was going to wash my hair before I left so that I could be comfortable at work without hair all over me.

Now, I’ve had my hair washed at salons before. However, I’ve never had a scalp massage as nice as this one. I was in heaven! It felt so good that I asked her not to stop — and she obliged! Christine got a very nice tip from moi. I was sooooo relaxed afterward and the cut looked great.

As I was leaving the salon I decided that I didn’t need the truffle — I had gotten my treat at the hair salon on Newbury Street!

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Why Bother?

I bought these way-cool shoes and I love them, but they are killing my feet. I guess at some point I will break them in, but I will be walking on bloody stumps soon. I should have just bought a new pair of man-glogs. Forget fashion and go with comfort, but that wouldn’t really be me. So I shall continue to bleed for fashion!

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Dueling GQ Covers…

So, I wanted to pick up a magazine to read while I travel to and from work on the lovely commuter rail. Anyway, I noticed that GQ put out two different covers. One features a hot photo of Colin Farrell (but then again — all photos of Mr. Farrell are pretty damn hot) and the other had a way-too close shot of Adrien Brody. There was only one copy of the Colin issue left and about 25 of the Adrien issue. While I was drawn to the last Colin issue, I felt I should purchase an Adrien one because it seemed so sad to me that his issue wasn’t selling. Poor Adrien. And I’d be willing to bet money that he would make the nicer and more attentive boyfriend.

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Ego-Boost At the Cinema!

There was hardly anyone at the screening of “In the Cut” I attended this afternoon. Just after I sat down a cute South End boy asked me if he could take the seat next to me. I asked him why and he said he wanted to get to know me better and that maybe we could have dinner after the movie. I told him I was in a relationship. He said, “Too bad” and went to the other side of the theatre. This made my day!

…I didn’t care for the movie. I like Meg Ryan perky and cute — not depressed and slutty.

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