Diversity @ An Acccounting Firm and Mommy & Daddy

My firm just took a very big and positive step — they have formed a firm-sponsored network for gay, lesbian and transgeneder employees! It was just announced today as a part of the firm’s commitment to celebrating diversity in the work place and continuing to focus on developing policies to retain valuable employees. This is a big deal for one of the Big Four! I am very pleased.

Employees are allowed to join this network as a “private” or a “public” member. I, of course, have joined as a public member! Our first conference call is on 12/11! Am all excited. Thus far we are a little over 500 strong! I am always walking around seeing signs about diversity in the work place focused on women, African-Americans, Asian population, Mexican population —– and have always been annoyed that we were being ignored as there are plenty of family here in this one office. Anyway, now we are officially a part of the diversity focus of the firm! Most cool!

Months ago I placed an order for an import CD by the way-cool NYC underground electro band, Mommy & Daddy. Although they are American artists, their one CD is only available in the UK. Anyway, I forgot I had ordered it. The CD arrived today and I am all excited! I love Mommy & Daddy! Daddy is kind of hot in a downtown dirty kind of way. Mommy is quite the looker.

November 25, 2003. Uncategorized.

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