A Letter to the Massachusetts Governor…

My life partner/boyfriend/lover/long time companion, Karl, wrote this letter to our governor. I really like it and thought I would post it. He refuses to send to the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. So, am taking matters into my own hands — doing a bit of editing/grammer corrections and am going to send it in under my name.

On such a significant day in Massachusetts (and U.S. history), I’m filled with emotions I had never anticipated. Immediately after hearing the SJC ruling on same-sex marriage, I was elated. However, just hours later, after hearing news accounts of comments made by various U.S. politicians and religious persons, my optimism dwindled.

During the evening news, it was so disconcerting to see the lesbian couple of 32(!) years, with tears of joy followed by comments essentially invalidating their love for each other.

Based on the comments I’m hearing, much of is being focused on religious beliefs and history. Governor Romney even commented on “3,000 years of recorded history”. Well, up until the 1860’s there were 3,000 years of history that accepted slavery. The mere duration of something’s existence does not make it just.

As for religion – In no way is civil marriage a religious issue (separation of church and state). What the Catholic Church (being against gay marriage) or even the Unitarian Church (being for gay marriage) believe should be irrelevant in this case. What is relevant is civil rights. It appears that too many people (politicians included) are allowing their personal religious beliefs to dictate whether another person’s relationship should be valid in the eyes of the state.

Excluding all religious beliefs (which, I can’t stress enough), and based on the freedoms entitled to us as U.S. citizens, why would a gay and lesbian family not be entitled to civil (not religious) marriage? How is that relationship going to negatively impact any other person’s life? It won’t.

On the other side of the token, there are countless ways banning gay marriage negatively impacts thousands of gay and lesbian families (hospital visitation, inheritance, real estate, taxes, childcare, healthcare, social security, etc.). I don’t understand how a state that allows gay adoption would not want those children to be raised by a couple that is legally married – providing legal protections for the parents and child. How are family values lost by actually encouraging couples to unite? As the 2000 census shows, there are thousands of gay and lesbian couples in this state. Gays and lesbians have existed since the beginning of time. They aren’t going to go away. And barring them from marrying the person they love is not going to decrease heterosexual marriages (which is a concern I’d heard on the news).

I guess all I’m really seeking is a response to let me know specifically where you stand on this very important issue of equality. Specifically, it you’re against gay marriage – why?

November 19, 2003. Uncategorized.

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