Little Brother Relocation!

I am all excited! My little bro is moving to New England! Actually, he is not really so little —- he just turned 25 and is a lot taller than me. But, to me, he will always be my baby brother!

This will be a temporary stop for him as he plans to move to the Big Apple to fully pursue his career in art. Right now the plan is for him to come to Boston in mid-December unless we can locate a job quicker. He will live with us in Salem till he lands a job and a place to live.

His girlfriend lives in upstate New York and goes to school twice a week in Manhattan so I smell a lot of visits to NYC coming up! Check out some of his work at the above link or to the right in my link for Roy Stanfield.

Roy was 12 and I was 24 when I left Texas and moved to Boston to pursue a life of my own. We have stayed in touch, but this will give us a chance to be closer. I left the house before he became his own person. I know he feels that I don’t know him on many levels and I am sure he doesn’t know me on more than a few. So, this will be our chance to really get to know one another!

That is my big news for now! As Stevie Nicks once sang, I just can’t wait! Of course she sang that to a cheezzzzy drum machine — I am singing it in the more current cutting edge electronica sound!

September 29, 2003. Uncategorized.

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