Where were you when you first heard Stevie Nicks?

I was in my cousin’s bedroom, but that is a whole other blog that I would rather not get into at this time.

However, Scott has asked when we first realized we were gay. I am not sure of the date or year, but it was during the whole Anita Bryant stuff in the 70�s. I was pretty young. I was at the grocery store with my mother and these two men approached my mother in what seemed like identical powder blue suits. My mother worked with one of them and they were both very effeminate. My mother seemed a bit embarrassed when they walked away and I remember thinking I am like them and Anita Bryant hated me.

I guess that really dates me. And, you know, I saw �Cabin Fever� today and realized that I am really crossing the line to the aged as all the movies I am seeing are about people my brother�s age. Like all of the character�s are between 22 and 25. Even the new Woody Allen movie is going to be about characters falling into this generation. Speaking of which, have you noticed how the film company is trying to hide the fact that the movie is written, produced and directed by Woody Allen. The poster is all colorful and the ads on TV make it look like one of those naughty teen sex comedies. �which it probably is? I will be seeing it tomorrow with Karl.

I�ve purchased new cologne. It is called 212 for men. Am trying to decide if I like it. I love wearing cologne. I know this bothers many in the gay community who have eschewed the joys of scented ointments for manly musk odors, but I like to smell pretty dammit!

The more I think about it, the more I�ve decided I LOVED the new Bill Murray film, �Lost in Translation� —– and I really want to see Japan. I�ve really got to convince Karl. We�re planning on going to Hawaii for next year, but maybe we can hit Japan for 2005!

September 20, 2003. Uncategorized.

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