A Good Day

I hesitate to write this as I do not want to reverse my luck, but I have had a nice day today. I didn’t feel down and was not nearly as tired as I have been. I laughed, I actually sought out and engaged in conversations.

I think I am starting to feel a bit more like me for the first time in months! I don’t think it could be the mood stabilizer this early — am only on my third dose. Saw my shrink today and he warned me not to get too excited. He expects that I will still experience “highs” and “lows”, but he is thinking that my “lows” might not be so “low” anymore! I sure hope he is right. This is a great start to the long weekend!

And, Jen is coming over for dinner and a movie tonight. Am actually looking forward to the evening — how long has it been since I actually looked forward to something?!?!!? Am I getting better? Hmmmmm… Knock wood!

My comments boxes have been down for over 4 days. What to do? Am at a loss. I might ask Jen as she was my first “Blogger Expert” — It was her Blog that inspired me to create my own — and she helped me out a lot at the start because I am no techie. At any rate, I hope to see my comments box return soon — meanwhile, feel free to just drop me an email if you’re so inspired!

August 29, 2003. Uncategorized.

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