Energy Eater

Got in from work about 30 minutes ago and am trying to secure the energy to do the one thing I really need to do — clean the bathrooms. Am doing everything I can think of to retrieve energy from my tired body. I’ve got the Pizzicato Five booming from the stereo, I am nude (my favorite way to be) and I have a big-ass glass of Pepsi. I should be skipping about with pep. …Instead I am sitting at the computer feeling in need of a nap.

Where does my energy go? I do well in the morning and then start to wilt around 10:30 AM —- from there on it is down hill. I just start to envelope into myself. The doctors say it is depression and I must fight it. …they don’t know how it feels. It is like I’ve just run the Boston Marathon and have been asked to host a cocktail party. Ugh. OK, enough bitching. I will take a big gulp of Pepsi, hop about to the hap-snappy sounds of Pizzicato Five and clean the dirty bathrooms. Then, I will fall into a deep sleep on our sofa.

Thomas has stirred my interest in Thomas Pynchon. I hadn’t thought of this writer since my 3rd year of college when I took a lit class focused on his works. I scored an A in the class and wrote 3 papers, but I never really “got” Pynchon. My papers were mostly “BS” but they seemed to fool the prof. At any rate, I am now reading “Gravity’s Rainbow” and am feeling a bit lost — but I am forging on and am determined to follow Mr. Pychon’s prose. I know I can do it! I mentioned the problem to a pal at work who, as it turns out, is a big Pynchon fan —- he is going to dig out his college material on Rainbow. I had him test me and I am understanding what I’ve read thus far. I am picking up a lot of symbolism related to erections and the penis. I just haven’t decided what they symbolize. Anyway, I am enjoying it.

…maybe I will skip the bathrooms and just read. Hmmmmmm…

August 28, 2003. Uncategorized.

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