Snail Mail Confusion… And My Brother’s New Website

I really take great pride in my FRUiTS
postcard collection and have gone to great pains to send many of them out to friends and relatives only to find that most of them just don’t “get it” or feel confused. I just don’t understand how they can’t be rejoicing in the fashion tips provided by the many Japanese teens captured on the cards with their points of fashion. It most upsetting and saddens me.

Much excitement planned for this evening. I will be wrapped up in my fave blanket watching DVDs, consuming soda and popcorn and just absorbing the energy that is — Friday night! Tomorrow Karl and I are off to Boston. There are two reasons we’re treking into the fun city: 1) I need to get back on the subway system and this will be a good way to start and 2) we have to purchase many birthday gifts as we have an incredible number of friends and relatives born in September. I am also crossing my fingers that we see a movie. I am most excited about seeing “American Splendor” which has received great press!

At therapy this afternoon we discussed some mood stabilizers. I do believe they are wanting to put me on one starting next week. I am ok with giving it a shot as long as the pills do not cause me to gain weight. I know nothing of mood stabilizers. I guess I will need to get a mood ring again like when I was in 3rd grade.

My brother, Roy Stanfield
has updated his website for his art. Follow the link!

August 22, 2003. Uncategorized.

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