“Amelie” Will Steal Your Heart!

…Infact she will then sell it to the black market! Or she might opt to steal your kidney and leave you with a nasty staff infection! Eeeeek! I saw the newly-released Stephen Frears film, “Dirty Pretty Things” which stars Audrey “Amelie” Tautou. I suspect that it came out in the UK already and is just now making it to US shores. Anyway, the poster features a glam photo of Ms. Tautou bare shouldered and in repose. Not sure what I was expecting, but it was certainly not what I got as I sat with my popcorn and soda. Yuck. Really dismal. However, I will never feel at ease in hotels again! Oy!

You know, I was thinking about it and cinema has not been so great these past 10 years. I’ve only seen 3 films that I would label as “masterpieces” of the medium — “Ghost World” “Under the Sand” and “Spirited Away”. I don’t think I am missing anyother film —- and, no, I do not consider “American Beauty” a masterpiece. I mean, there have been some very good films, but very few that I think will really last for the long haul. …Maybe “City of Lost Children”. I don’t know.

If you know of any other films you feel are masterpieces list them in the comment box below. Maybe I am not thinking of something that was wonderous. “The Mirror Has Two Faces” maybe?

Am listening to the latest Tricky CD, “Vulnerable” — most cool. Less mainstream than “Blowback” — I think it is time for another Bjork/Tricky project! And, when-oh-when will Blondie find a label to release the CD they recorded last year? The world could use a good dose of Blondie.

Work is going well. I just wish my energy level would pick up. I am always tired, but not sleepy. Maybe I need another med adjustment. I know they are “ramping up” my doses, but I grow weary of this feeling and am anxious to get back to work full time!

August 20, 2003. Uncategorized.

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