Credit in the Straight World…

I just sat through a 3 hour plus ESPN television special of a mock trial regarding whether or not Pete Rose should or should not be admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Now, I only know that this hall of fame place exists thanks to a Cher movie. Remember? In “Mermaids” when they all go there to make Bob Hoskins happy? When I saw this movie in 1990 I was confused by that scene.

I know nothing about baseball — except I do like the uniforms. …Particularly the pants — both from the front and back side views. Yes, I like the baseball pants a lot. However, I have no idea how Pete Rose hit a field goal or what he did to get the ball in the funny hoop thing.

Despite all of this — I was glued to the TV screen. Now, it would appear that the fundamental rule of baseball is that players and managers are not to bet. This is like some sort of cardinal sin and it prevents the gambler from ever getting into that hall of fame. Apparently, Mr. Rose did some bettin’ on the game while he was a manager for some baseball team. So, if you ask me, he does not merit admission to this Baseball Hall of Fame. No matter how hot his ass looked in those pants, he has no business in a fame hall with the other hero quaterbacks. No way. This was not how the mock jury felt and by a majority vote of 8 to 4, they ruled that he should be admited to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Like my Grandmother used to say, “The country is goin’ to Hell in a bread basket!”

Anyway, I think I deserve some hetro-merit for having devoted so much of my Thursday evening to watching this mock trial. Perhaps I should be entitled to a free oil change or something. I could be wrong, but I do not think it was correct for a strapping young gay man, like myself, to have spent his evening thinking about baseball. In fact, I think it may have been quite wrong and I deserve something for my efforts.

OH! Goldfrapp has posted their new video, “Strict Machine”, to their website. Most cool. Their other video from “Black Cherry”, “Train”, is still posted to the site. Train is one of the most unusual videos I’ve seen in a while. Check ’em out if you’ve not seen/heard. Goldfrapp — just click on the birdman hugging the horse and then click on the little cabins to find the videos from “Black Cherry”!

July 17, 2003. Uncategorized.

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