Rebel Rebel

I’ve been eating better. …much better, actually. And I’ve started to drop some of the weight I gained from the medication I was taking back in May. But, today the yogurt and seltzer water had the look of torture. I just couldn’t bear the idea of having a peach yoggie and seltzer for lunch. Now, one would hope that I would do something sensible like make a sandwich or go get a salad, but sometimes hope doesn’t make it to the finish line. I drove to Burger King and experienced the new and limited edition “American Burger” with a bucket of Coke. ….Regular Coke — not diet. It was fantastic and felt oh-so-good to rebel against the tyranny of dieting. Further down my sad gaunlet of sin, I passed the gym and headed for the pc where I proceeded to explore the far vast regions of the cyber world. At 4PM I decided to take a break from surfing the World Wide Web and watched two episodes of Judge Judy. Now, I am back at the computer confessing my sins.

A little over a week till PTown. Something tells me I will not be skinny-dipping this year. I would hate to frighten my fellow gay beach goer’s with my portly frame uncovered. Then again, do I really care what anyone else thinks? …yes, I do.

The new Liz Phair CD really rules. I’ve been playing Goldfrapp’s Black Cherry non-stop, but now it has been replaced by Liz Phair. For those of you who might have the new Liz Phair CD, doesn’t track 11 rock? I love singing it at the top of my lungs as I drive down the expressway. Big thanks to Duncan for turning me on to this awesome CD.

Yesterday I had about 5 hours to kill prior to more heavy duty therapy so I spent the day at the movie theatre. As I have already seen almost everything in release I had to take in “The League of Gentleman” and “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throtle”
Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed the League-o-gents. Charlie’s Angels bit. If you want to see a cool movie, check out “Swimming Pool” — first English lang. film from Francois Ozon. Well, enough rambling for today.

Moistly yours, matt

July 17, 2003. Uncategorized.

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