A Serious Matter for Further Consideration

Sometimes, as I attempt to find Mary Hart in the fog that is the extreme soft-focus and white light of “Entertainment Tonight” ,or “ET!” to those of us in the know, I contemplate the cruelty of the aging process. Entering your late 30’s just sucks because you still look pretty good, but little things no longer look right.

The tummy is not flat — in fact, it has expanded beyond the edge of the belt.

Pecs seem to be turning a bit boobish.

Signs of Excess skin are starting to pop up.

Food has become the enemy.

The “big 40” is just a few years away and who knows what my body will decide to do!

…and I am searching for a way to hide in soft-focus white light like Mary Hart. Just hide! Oh, and by the way I try to excercise and do all the aerobic things — but most of the time I am too busy watching “ET!”

July 15, 2003. Uncategorized.

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