Do I Offend?

Oh dear, I seem to have upset my life partner/husband/boyfriend/lover/soul-mate/domestic partner, Karl, with my last two posts. I didn’t mean to upset him, but sometimes the truth hurts. And the bottomline is he refuses to let me have cats and resents all things Babs. As he tells it, the cats will destroy our furnishings and all of his senses are already bombarded by all things Barbra — he feels he should at least be spared the Scassi Babs Scarf and life size “A Star Is Born” posters. He went on to tell me that the only sense not yet touched by Barbra Streisand is his sense of smell.

Hmmm… I have been meaning to invest in one of those Barbra Streisand rose bushes.

Anyway, while he has a point about Babs and he has prevented me from turning into a Babs Museum, I still think 2 cats would bring a great deal of warmth to our lives. Per the advice of more than a few folks, I guess the declawing would have to happen to protect furniture. Just hate the idea of it. Of course, at this rate it isn’t going to happen anyway.

The doctors have decided that I should be sane enough to return to work for the second Monday in August. However, they are only letting me return on a part time basis for the first two weeks. Not sure how that will work, but am really ready to have my life back and get back to work. I miss it and all of my co-workers!!

Oh, by the way — be sure to check out Thomas’ exciting adventure involving a shower, a pesky moth and an almost unspeakable invasion! Quite funny to read, but most certainly would have been a terror to experience! Hang in there, Thomas! It could have been worse. I grew up in Texas and once had one of those flying roaches chase me through the house. …while I was naked. …but that is a whole other blog.

Oh, and my pal, Duncan, turned me on to the new Liz Phair CD. I LOVE it! I had read the whole CD was a sell-out, but it sounds more like progression to me. For those of you who are aware of the CD, track 11 is my favorite. Have also slipped back into my Kylie phase again. Speaking of which, I think it is about time for Kylie to give us a new album! Me and countless other 8th grade girls are eagerly awaiting more tunes!!!!

July 14, 2003. Uncategorized.

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