The Stones of Summer, Robert Altman does Popeye and Matt’s Panic Attacks!

As dumb as it sounds, going to the movies is a part of my therapy and/or healing. A safe place to work on conquering panic attacks. So, if you’ve been to the movies and hear someone coughing hysterically, hyperventalating or scampering to the back of the theatre — chances are you and I are seeing a movie together. Ugh.

Anyway, I saw “Stone Reader” yesterday and am happy to report that I sufferred no panic attacks! Of course it was a whole different story later in the evening when Karl and I attempted to visit the newly re-opened Peabody Essex Museum. Anyway, the movie was fantastic. The ad campaign urges all who love to read and who love books to see the movie. It is true — if you like to read, you must see this movie which is really about the magic of great writing and great books.

23 years after its failed theatrical release, Paramount has released Robert Altman’s “Popeye” to DVD. Now, this is a bad movie on just about every level. However, it is full of such almost promise and failed creativity one has to appreciate it on some level. It is not bad enough to be considered good. This is not camp. It is an interesting bit of film history. Great cinematic talent created a mistake and it is interesting on that level. Also, for those who love the old Popeye cartoons — Robert Altman has painfully re-created the sights and sounds of those cartoons. Shelley Duvall and Robin Williams are truly fantastic in their roles. …and truly bad all at the same time. Harry Nilsson’s musical score is like an out-of-tune musical fungus that gets under your skin and won’t leave. Anyway, I was excited to find a copy a few weeks ago. I had a minor panic attack as I purchased the DVD.

These panic attacks are quite annoying and frustrating, but I am determined to beat this crap. So, onward I go. Therapy is currently twice a week and we continue to make med adjustments. The aim for return to work is still late July, but the doctors seem to think early August is more realistice. We shall see. If I don’t get back to work soon I will have forgotten how to do my job. …or I will have to take a new job as I do not know how long they can go on with no one in my position. The situation just sucks. Oh well.

June 27, 2003. Uncategorized.

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