Good Days, Bad Days and All the In-Between…

Things have been getting better, but progress is slow. Sometimes I feel that for every step I take forward I get pushed back 4. Those are the bad days. Yesterday and the day before were bad days. Karl, who has the patience of Job when it comes to moi, made me go into the hospital last night for a quick evaluation. I didn’t want to go. A mixture of anger and fright propelled me toward the safety of the sofa — but Karl’s common sense won out and I went to the hospital. As it turned out, it was the best thing I could have done.

Changes in meds were made. I am fairly certain that there will be more changes regarding my meds to come. At any rate, the doctor tried a different drug on my last night and I took my second and third doses today. Had to stay in all day to take it easy with the med change, but seems like this is a good change. Aside from bad tv, today has been a good day. I am confident that tomorrow will be good as well.

Looks like my days will remain dull for a while longer. The doctors have put me out from work for another 30 days. I suspect that August will probably the month I get the go-ahead to return to normal life. Meanwhile, my mother is coming for a short visit. She has been quite worried about us and it has been over a year since last I saw her — so a visit seems ok. No plans — just no frills visit with mom. We do plan on visiting Karl’s parentals on the Cape for a Sunday. Am determined that the days my mom visits will be good days, but the one thing I’ve learned through all of this crap —- it is next to impossible to predict anything.

Am having to sit out the Boston PRIDE festivities this year. First time I’ve missed Pride since 1991. Oh well. Am not going to focus on it. Besides, to be honest, the last couple of Pride parades/festivites have kind of blended in together to form a sort of sameness. So maybe it will be good for me to miss one.

Sorry so few updates.

June 13, 2003. Uncategorized.

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