A Different Nose…

Well, the fog of anesthia has worn away leaving some pain. However, surgery went well —- nose bleeds should be coming to a stop for a while and it looks like the surgeon may have even straightened my nose! The doctor had told me he would not be able to correct the physical appearance of my nose, but it looks like he may have done it for me! Hard to tell as I am still fairly swollen. I see him on Wednesday when he will pull out stitches and two blue pipe things which are running up my nostrils. Not at all comfortable.

I had been warned and advised to delay this surgery as it could make my depression worse. However, I felt that there would never be a better time to just get it done. As it turns out, there is some truth to those warnings. Am stuck in the house for six days and I think the pain meds do not always mix so well with everything else. The night spent after surgery was horrible and rough.

Am still pretty down, but am taking it one step at a time. I will be seeing one of the shrinks on Thursday. My hope is that we will have all the results from the cardio testing so that an anti-depressant can be prescribed for me which will help. Not sure how my anxiety issues are doing because I’ve not had a reason or way to put them to test.

Hmmm… Never intended for my blog page to be medical issues journal. Oh well, that will be changing soon! Am confident that am getting better. Now, I need to start some reconnection with people. Tested the waters a bit this weekend. Peter and Duncan hung out with us on Sunday. It was great to finally see them. I was a bit out of it, but still great to see them. I’ve phone calls and emails to answer. Will try to get that done by the weekend.

May 12, 2003. Uncategorized.

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