Moving Images: An Update From the Day

Well, we made it to the movie, “A Mighty Wind” and I made it through the entire screening. Sounds so stupid, but it was not easy. Panic attacks throughout the movie. I just focused on something on the screen and dealt with it, but I think I missed most of the movie. Seemed more sad than funny, but I do not think I can pass a cinematic judgement on it due to my state as I watched.

We also went by my office. That was more difficult than the movie. I seem to have no control over my emotions. None of it really makes any sense to me.

The whole day was sort of like this pro-longed feeling of detachment. Like we were moving images without sound or meaning. And yet, I know I am doing better. At least I think I am. ugh.

We didn’t make it to Peter and Duncan’s. I was just so wiped out by the time we got back to Salem.

Anyway, that was the day. Much fun. not.

April 20, 2003. Uncategorized.

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