Bone-Crunching Cuteness!

We had a lovely day in New England! The sun was out and it got close to 50 degrees! After a yummy breakfast with Karl and Duncan, I sat out to see a movie but ended-up driving about for better part of the day. I did stop off at Newbury Comix where I purchased the DVD of way-cool cartoons of The Happy Tree Friends! As the art work on the box announces, this DVD is “cute, cuddly and horribly wrong!” I can’t wait to watch it! Duncan turned me on to the wonderous Happy Tree Friends. It is his fault I’ve become a cartoon pervert!

I also picked up DVD’s of “Cruel Intentions” (classic bad-fun-camp movie featuring Buffy gone all nasty!), “Relax, It’s Just Sex” (fun gay kalifornia movie!) and Larry Clark’s “Bully” which was one of the better films of 2002. I also picked up the Ani DiFranco CD. It is just OK — not really all that great. I think she needs to move away from this whole New Orleans jazz sound. I just don’t care for all of the horns.

Well, almost time for Queer As Folk. My gay soap opera of choice. Will Justin return to Bryan? Will the prof leave Michael? Will Michael’s Mom finally learn the proper rules of oral gratification thanks to Emmett? All these and other questions will be answered tonight!!! Am I the only one who thinks Justin looks kind of stumpy? I mean, it’s like his legs are just way-too short for his body. However, I have to say that Stumpy’s hair is looking pretty good this season! …I should be so stumpy! Ugh!

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3 More Days!

…til Ellen and Chuck are due to have their baby! I guess that should be phrased, til Ellen is due to have she and Chuck’s baby! I just can’t believe it is already that close! Where in the hell does time go?!?!?!? We’ll know the babe’s name soon!

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A Shout Out to Doug!
Doug — where are you? Drop me a line or something, dude! You should have been with us tonight for the concert. Where are you?

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Exploring Grey Gardens, Amelie Goes Mental, Karl Curses At Rude Mechanics, Sonny Bono Dolls, Gay Men Singing and Matt Discovers the Fine Art of Window Fashions and Domestic Stylings!!

When folks talk about the movies that matter they often refer to such classics as “Casablanca” “Citizen Cane” “Raging Bull” “The Conformist” or “Gone With the Wind”, but for me no list of great cinematic art would be complete without the mid 70’s documentary study of two painfully unreal real women, Grey Gardens. If you’ve not seen this movie, you should be ashamed. The saga of Big Edie and her wonderous daughter, Little Edie, is one for the ages. It may take a couple of viewings, but this movie will really get under your skin. And I do mean that in a good way.

Funny, campy, sad, uncomfortably voyeuristic, liberating and ultimately touching — this film says so much about human relationships and the disturbing passage of time. It also provides you with some fantatastic quotes suitable for parties and business meetings. Little Edie dispenses one zen phrase after another without even thinking. And her big musical moment is one not too be missed. Tennessee Williams could not have created more out-there characters than these two amazing women. …and, the thing is, that as “out there” as they both are — there is no getting around the fact that you will find something in them that you know is in yourself. A must see! The importance of “Grey Gardens” can’t be ignored. For those of you with the DVD, be sure to wait after the film plays to hear the hidden audio interview with Little Edie recorded just after Al Gore lost his bid for the presidency! I do so wish I had been old enough in the 70’s to have seen the cabaret act she performed! That must have been magic!

Last night my pal, Jen, and I saw a great movie. While not anywhere near the same artistic level of “Grey Gardens” it was much fun and provided us the opportunity to see what we’ve all suspected for quite some time —-that Amelie chick is a bomb of horror just waiting to go off at any minute! If you doubt that, see the new French film, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, but be warned — Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” will seem sweet once you’ve seen Amelie take a turn for the dark side! The movie takes more than a few sick and twisted turns. I really enjoyed it. While it is new to the US, I think it came out in France last year. I love French films. I should have been born French. I should be living in France having tea with Isabelle Huppert and Francois Ozon, Dammit! Sadly, all I can say in French is, “Je suis fromage”

Speaking of ticking mental time bombs, Karl displayed a new deminsion of his personality today. We attempted to get our annual car inspetion completed. The mechanics were quite rude. This is not unusual. It is been my experience that many mechanics are scary and wield their power in the cruelest of ways. I mean, it is never like what you see in porn movies! There is just no servicing to be had. Anyway, the mechanics we encountered today decided to have us park outside one of their closed-off garages for a 30 minute wait. 45 minutes later, Karl got out of the car and asked if they would be ready to inspect the car soon as we had already been waiting close to an hour. All 3 of the mechanics were quite busy smoking cigs and discussing female body parts so they explained to Karl that it would be another hour. Karl cursed them out and stormed back to the car. He then proceeded to rant about everything from the president to the lady who made the error of blocking the interstate so that we missed a green light. It was a most worrying situation, but he seems to be doing a bit better now. The car, however, remains uninspected.

My spirtual sister, Jenny, was so upset that she was unable to secure all those large Cher heads for me that she went out and got me a genuine Sonny Bono doll circa 1974!!! She is also trying to secure a John “Vinnie Barbarito” Travolta doll for me! Jenny totally rocks!

Tonight we attended the “controversial” performance by the fabulous Boston Gay Men’s Chorus, at St.Peter’s Episcopal Church in our lovely town of Salem! It was pretty cool —- the church was at max capacity and the Chorus ruled the night with an exceptional performance! We had a blast. We attended with some hot dudes by the name of Petie, Duncan, Robert, Chris, Jim and Jim (otherwise known in these parts as “The Two Jim’s”) —- and I finally got to meet “The Two Bob’s” who, from what I hear, give the coolest party to be found on the North Shore. I made a point of inviting myself to this party and was assured that I would receive an invitation! It was a great night!

Oh! And the curtain lady came over today to take measurements for our windows. And, surprise! I really liked her. She was most cool and had some great advise. My fears related to curtains have subsided and am now ready to embrace window fashion in the most intimate of ways! Can’t wait for the installation!

We were so inspired that we decided to move into Phase Two of our condo improvement project! Yes, we are purchasing all new living room furniture tomorrow. At least this is the plan. After so many years together, Karl and I discovered something rather disturbing. We do not like the same styles of furniture. …at all. We were on the verge of ending it and going our separate ways when we stumbled upon the perfect sofa. So, all is fine and good in the world of domestic life! However, we now must work through that pesty issue of dining tables!

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Pushing Density

So, I didn’t do too well with my food intake. I ate a lot. Basically, I ate the world. As I digest, I realize that this may have been a real mistake. I am committed, tho and — tomorrow, it is me and SlimFast against them all! I can do it. I just know that I can!

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Celebrities on a Bad Day —- my fave is Liz Taylor. If anyone wishes to purchase for me, I would not mind.

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He Hit Me, and It Felt Like a Kiss

Well, OK, not really. It felt like he smaked me up on the side of the head. It was not much fun. When I asked him why he had hit me? He said, “I don’t know. It just seemed like the right thing to do”

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We are contemplating the purchase and installation of curtains for our living room. I’ve never been much of a curtain person. I like blinds. Big, solid, wooden, manly blinds. However, we want to block the sun to keep the place cooler this summer. Also, once I am able to cover the windows I can get back into my nude modern ballet experiments. Anyway, I am a little nervous about investing in curtains. Am worried I will walk in and discover big frilly curtains covered in floral patterns. Hmmmm. We’ve made arrangements for a designer rep from Macy’s to come over this Saturday and give us a quote and some suggestions. We shall see. Maybe we can go all gothic.

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Russian Sunday, Gay Sunday Night

We had a lovely breakfast with Petie and Duncan. Then I sat out for my big Movie Sunday. I saw “Russian Ark” I kept wanting to really like this film, but I think I should have re-freshed my memory of Russian history prior to going into the theater. I really had very little clue as to what was going on —- just remembered some of the names, but no background info re: Catherine II or Nick & Alex. However, it was cool to see the famous Hermitage Museum and I thought it was cool that the director filmed the whole thing in one shot. So, I appreciated and noted the artistic and historical merit — but felt a bit sleepy by the end. Oh, and the ending was pretty cool!

As I stepped out of the Kendall Square Cinema, I realized what a beautiful day we were enjoying so I opted to come home and pick up Karl for a bit of Sunday driving. We didn’t do much driving, but it is Sunday. Basically, we drove to the grocery store and purchased more food that will go bad before we end up eating it.

Oh, and we did a bit of detective work. For the past week we’ve been drivin crazy by some sort of spotlight which shines directly into our living room. It is quite obnoxious. We had assumed it must be some sort of construction spot that needed to be angled down. Turns out it is some wierd-ass spot light that Wendy’s (down a street that faces our building) has installed at their drive-thru. So, I guess we need to call the police and the mayor’s office to get Wendy’s to either turn their spotlight off of us or go pelt big rocks at it til it bursts.

Nothing big planned for Sunday evenging —- other than an exciting hour around the TV at 10:00 PM EST to watch the sleazy US soap version of Queer As Folk! Not anywhere near as good as the UK show, but much more fun. A sort of R-rated Melrose Place gone totally gay. We are so addicted. I am sure that Six Feet Under, OZ and The Sopranos are much better — but this is so much fun we’ve decided to stick with Showtime and skip the whole HBO thing.

…a minor change in plans — led me back to the movies tonight. I was able to see “City of God” —- powerful, gritty and I think this place in Brazil may just as well be Hell. Most disturbing.

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Genital Puppetry, Lost Cher Heads and Life in the Burbs!

Puppetry of the Penis was really funny. …a little painful to watch some of the folding, tugging and twisting — but a most funny and unusal evening of entertainment. Not nearly as perverted as one might think, but it defintely has an edge to it! We had dinner at Laurel and it was really good eats! We had a blast.

I felt bummed as we drove out of Boston and back to the North Shore of New England. I like Salem, but I do miss the living in the city.

I am making tomorrow my movie day! I plan on seeing at least 2 movies tomorrow. Will see “Russian Ark” and “City of God” I’ve been wanting to see both of those for a while now. I may try to take in “Lost in LaMancha” as well, but 3 movies in one day might be a bit much for even me!

I got an email from my pal today regarding those foot tall Cher heads she was trying to secure for me — she wrote, “DAMN!! I was outbid on the Cher heads!! Some ass bid $55 and beat me!! I am so sorry, I thought for sure I had it won!!” Oh well. To be honest, I think I was really more thrilled at being asked if I would like to have six 12″ Cher heads — than to actually be in receipt of the heads themselves. I mean, what a wonderous question to be posed!

I dance the body electric and celebrate the me yet to come! I toast to my own reunion when I become one with the sun! —- FAME!

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