Lazy Sunday with David Lynch, The Matrix and Thoughts of Ute

So much rain today. We both felt lazy. After a most unhealthy breakfast, Karl and I went to the grocery store. He decided he did not want to join me for a movie and I decided that I really didn’t want to go alone. So we ended up staying in the house and watching my way cool DVD of Twin Peaks. I think Karl even kind of liked it — tho, one can’t be sure.

We then watched The Matrix as I hadn’t seen it in a year or two and wanted to “prep” for the sequel coming out later in the year. I was also a bit inspired by the little Ani-Matrix short that was shown with that silly new horror movie, Dreamcatcher. Karl was most likely the last person on the planet to have not seen The Matrix. He hated it and seemed to almost have a violent hatred for the film and has vowed that he will not see the sequel. Tho, he did admit that Mr.Reeves is hot. I find Morpheus, or Larry Fishburne must hotter.

Am getting excited about the tickets Karl scored for us to see Ute Lemper next month! I need to pick up her new CD! I believe that Laurie Anderson collaborated with her on it. I’ve loved Ute Lemper since I first heard her sing on PBS back in the late ’80’s. She is fantastic and I’ve read she is quite a performer. We just missed catching her in her Broadway run of Chicago several years ago. I do not think she performs much in the US.

Is anyone out there familiar with an artist by the name of Patricia Kaas? I’ve recently discovered her stuff and like what I’ve heard quite a bit. I guess she did a film with Jeremy Irons that will be released in the US this summer. She has a great voice. Too bad I don’t understand a word of French. Someday, I really need to learn that language and get my ass to Paris — and London, of course! I think those are two of the places I would most like to see/visit!

Back to work for tomorrow. Am looking forward to it — tho, not to sorting through all of the backlog that is probably awaiting me. I also have to finalize several more key medical appointments later this week. The fun just never stops!

OH! Baby Update! My pal, Ellen, should be gearing up any hour now to head to the hospital to have the baby! We are all excited. Am sure she and Chuck are way-more excited and anxious — but just thought I would mention it!

March 30, 2003. Uncategorized.

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