A Forgotten Purchase and Too Much Joy Division…

I have a tendency to impulse purchase. Luckily, I do not impulse purchase big things. Instead, I tend to gravitate toward compact discs, DVD’s and books. Still, these things add up quickly. Just ask Karl about our ever-expanding DVD/CD collection. Sometimes I will buy something and just forget about it.

I used to love David Lynch’s TV show, Twin Peaks. I gave up on it, tho after the first season. I mean, it was pissing me off that he wasn’t identifying Laura Palmer’s killer after a full season. However, I got all excited when the first season was released on a DVD set last year. I was crushed to discover that ‘they’ decided to leave out the original 2 hour pilot episode which set the whole series up. Several weeks ago I came across a used DVD in a box covered with Japanese lettering that claimed to be the original pilot episode of Twin Peaks. It was not clear if it would play on US DVD players, but at only $15, I decided to take a chance. I forgot all about it until a few minutes ago. I plugged it in and it plays wonderfully with great quality!!! As it is now almost 1:30 AM, I’ve decided to watch it later. Besides, Karl is fast asleep and I do not think he ever experienced Twin Peaks — so I want to share it with him! Cool!

Oh, and I played my Joy Division CD in the car today. I played it a lot. Too much, in fact. I was getting bummed. So, I tried playing Olivia Newton John, but somehow listening to “Physical” seemed so very wrong after having sung along with “Love Will Tear Us Apart” — I was so caught-up in the goth-synth-memory of it all. When I got home, I quickly replaced the Joy Division CD in my CD carrying case with my New Order CD. I figure that this is a good compromise as New Order is really Joy Division with a sunnier attiitude! …sort of. …in a way.

March 29, 2003. Uncategorized.

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