Matt Goes to the Movies and Returns to Work Next Week!

Aside from having a lovely brunch with Petie and Duncan and an equally lovely dinner with Christopher and Robert — I’ve also managed to see 2 new movies this weekend. Thought I would offer my views on both of these art house films.

I have been waiting for quite a while to see SPUN This film offers us a few days in the life of several speed freaks. Now, if you’re planning on seeing it you may want to skip my comments because there may be a few spoliers. From an art perspective, Spun is done quite well. The director, Jonas Akerlund, has a very distinct and interesting style — both of which are used at maximum volume for the duration of the film. There is also nothing pedictable or even remotely-mainstream about this movie. However, when you consider that this is the mastermind behind such cutting-edge videos as The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” and Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy” — you would not expect the average drug addict movie anyway.

The casting is certainly of interest. Tho, I do wonder how Mena Suvari’s agent pitched this film to her. I can just imagine some suit saying something like, “Mena! This is your chance to really break out of that cheerleader image and show the world that you can play a spun-out speed junkie with bad teeth! You have to do this movie!” …he probably failed to tell her that she would be filmed from the vantage point of a toilet taking a dump. I don’t know, maybe that is every young performer’s dream. …it certainly was not my dream to see it.

I already knew that Ms. Suvari, Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo and Jason Schwartzman could act. However, I did not know they could look dirtier than Mickey Rourke — but they all can and do! I swear, I think the screen was projecting a foul stench throughout the screening. I mean, Mickey looked down right clean in comparison to the other thespians. I should note that Debbie Harry fared well as a butch lesbian and she got to kick some major homophobic butt in one of the flick’s better scenes! Eric Roberts wore the gayest wig in the history of gay wigdom and after over a decade’s worth of Wigstocks — i think this says a lot!

As creative as the production for SPUN is, I think we all need to pause and pose that eternal question — when does art become porn? I suspect this film crosses that line. Even Ron Jeremy and several strippers featured looked embarassed…I wonder how much Leguizamo got paid to do that scene with the sock? …not enough I should think! Anyway, all-in-all I didn’t really care for this movie all that much and I have to say that the numerous warnings that the Kendall Square Cinema had posted lived up to their warnings. The shock factor was high for this one! The editing and look of the film was still quite interesting.

I also saw Laurel Canyon for which most reviews have been bad. I LOVED this movie. In fact, I think it is the best I’ve seen for 2003. Of course I am a sucker for movies that explore bad parent/child relationships and Frances McDormand who can do no wrong as an actress if you ask me! Christian Bale ain’t bad eye candy, either! Anyway, I do rec. this one! It was close to being sold out and the audience seemed to really be into it. Unlike the audience for SPUN which seemed either frightened or way too into being spun’d themselves to care. It also carried that cool ’70’s ambivalent vibe we seldom see now. Film makers seem so eager to explain everything — I like an open story with all sorts of possibilities. ….like life.

Tomorrow, Karl and I plan to see Nowhere in Africa which looks really good. I am also quite eager to see the new Holly Hunter film, Levity. Holly Hunter rules.

I am allowed to return to work on Monday and am seeing a doctor Monday night to check my meds. Am feeling really rested and am looking forward to getting back to work. Mainly, I miss my boss. I dread the thought of trying to catch up, tho! Wouldn’t it be cool if one could just toss out all the work that has been put to the side while one is out and just focus on new/incoming work!?!?! Oh well.

Looks like I am scheduled for another round of appointments in early April and surgery in May for my nose to correct septum and bleeding issue. That will mean a short term disability from work of 10 days. ugh. Oh well, no more gum grafting for awhile anyway! That is saying something! I just hope my teeth don’t fall out by the fall! ha!

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