Willy Wonka —- Oh, Yeah!

In my most recent post I listed some celebs for whom I’ve always held crushes. I later realized that I left off one of the most significant — Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka! Most hot! Is it his big red top hat? His curly locks? His manic stare? The big olive-colored bow ties? The purple jacket? Who knows! But in Willy Wonka, Mr. Wilder def. had it goin’ on!

You know, as much as I love the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, As that link confirms, I have to say that the movie is rather disturbing and should not be viewed by children. At times creepy, hidden pro-drug messages and an uncomfortable sexual undertone throughout — I just love it! In addition, I feel a strong connection to the character of Veruca Salt. Yes, I fear that I am too, a bad egg just waiting to be discarded down the chute to oblivion — but my shoes always rock!

I am a bit out of it today. I’ve been having some pretty intense panic attacks — associated with my many doctor visits and this diagnosis for the genetic disorder. Anyway, I was having trouble thinking/functioning and had not had a decent night of sleep in several days. My shrink increased my meds and I was instructed to take the next 4 days to rest and adjust to the medication. I’ve basically been asleep since 10:30 PM last night. Thought I would just go on-line for a few minutes before I take the next dose and doze again. Have to admit, I have not felt this well in some time. I think I desperately needed the sleep.

Speaking of rest — I really love Roberta Flack. Her song stylings are so unique. It always sounds as if she is just sort of singing to herself and making the song up as she goes. I mean this in a good way, but I find her style quite interesting. …and soothing. I fear that she is, indeed, killing me softly with her song.

Sure wish I was friends with Miss Kittin. I think she would be most interesting to hang with and share a glass of champaign. She released a new remix CD last week. I purchased it, but have yet to play it. I am sure it is awesome, though. As I am not to leave the house while my meds adjust, Karl is to pick up the new Celine Dion CD for me. I think he is embarrassed about having to make this purchase. I just don’t know why. I feel that if Celine plays her cards right she could take over the throne of Barbra. However, I fear that this 5 year Vegas gig may be a real career killer.

My copy of the DVD for Sordid Lives came in the other day. Perhaps if I am not too sleepy, I will plug it and watch it. This is an amazingly wondderful film! I highly rec.it! We saw it last summer in P’Town. I guess there is some movie theatre in Nebraska which has been showing it for well over a year. Hmmmm…

Hope the above ramblings make some form of sense.

March 25, 2003. Uncategorized.

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