Hangin’-Out in Brookline and Odd Sexual Attractions…

After a lazy morning, I decided to take a drive to Brookline and catch the “new” David Cronenberg film, Spider Very grim and twisted, but I rather liked it. I guess it was released last year, but is only now making it to the US. I had forgotten how talented Miranda Richardson is as an actress. She was in The Hours, but they didn’t give her very much to do in that one. She is awesome in this movie!

OK, so Ralphie Fiennes stars in Spider. He mumbles the whole time so I couldn’t understand anything he said, but it didn’t matter to me because I think he is hot. In fact, I thought he was hot in this movie. I mentioned this to the lady sitting next to me (she knew me from 10 years ago — I still can’t think of her name or why she knew me, but that is a whole other blog!) Anyway, this woman who did apparently know me commented that my taste in men was always a bit off. True, Ralph was in homeless gear and drooling through most of his scenes. On my way home I was thinking about it. Maybe I am a bit off, but Mr. Fiennes rocks my world. I actually think Karl looks a bit like him! Cool! Note: Karl dresses quite well and does not ever drool or mumble. If you don’t believe me, check him out! Karl is most hot! He is really the one who rocks my world.

Anyway, here is a quick list of other celebs for whom I have had crushes. Please note that these crushes may be limited to a certain time or certain movie role.

Ralph Fiennes (anytime, anywhere)
Alice Cooper (circa 1975 in his full scary make-up)
Tom Petty (pref. circa late 70’s/early 80’s)
Rif Raff from the film version of Rocky Horror (something about that hump!)
Roger Daltrey (circa 1975)
Paul Rudd (anytime, anywhere)
That dude who played the father on the original “Family Affair” tv show. Uncle Bill was hot!
Little Ricky’s dad from “Silver Spoons”
Wilem DaFoe as Jesus
The guy who took over for drumming responsibilities for the Who after Keith Moon died. What was his name?
Dee Dee Ramone

Now, I ask — are my tastes really so odd? I think not!

I guess it has been close to a year since I last visited Brookline. I really enjoyed just walking around and looking in the shops. I purchased a new book. It is called Kick Me and looks to be quite funny.

I guess I will be finding out more about my MRI-MRA and other fun things this week. I am going to make Karl go with me when I meet with the specialist because I tend to get a bit freaked-out and then forget everything they’ve told me by the time I leave. My hope is that his schedule will allow him to join me at these appointments. Am trying not to worry about it. Just going with the flow.

March 23, 2003. Uncategorized.

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