Up Too Late, the Joys of Tax Refunds and a New Bathroom Issue

Stayed up way too late — or way too early depending upon your point of view.

I started watching The Rules of Attraction and didn’t go to bed til after 2am this morning. I am most sleepy. By the way — this is a great movie, but it is more than a little sick and twisted. There is a great scene involving Faye Dunaway, Swoozie Kurtz, two frat boys and a George Michael song! There are other memorable scenes, but that is my favorite.

This was my favorite film of 2002. It came out in France in 2001, but the US didn’t get it till last September. I love it and have seen it far too many times. I love to looke at Isabelle Huppert. She is super cool! Once again, this is an odd little movie — so it might not appeal to everyone. However, Karl liked it quite a bit!

We are about to head to the dude’s office who is doing our taxes. This is the first time I’ve ever had my taxes done by a professional. However, now that we are homeowners we were not sure how to file. Looks like it was a good thing we turned to a professional as I am getting some $$ back! This will be set aside to pay for my vacation to P-Town this summer!

One of the minor probs with our condo was that those things in the ceiling of bathrooms that suck out the bad air didn’t work. So we recently had new ones installed in both bathrooms. When you flip the switch in one of bathrooms it sounds like an airplane is taking off. They are so loud I’ve taken to using our restrooms in the dark! Ugh! Karl likes them. I just don’t know. Just thought I would share the warmth.

February 22, 2003. Uncategorized.

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