New Shoes, Melting Snow and Penis Manipulation!

I purchased new shoes! 3 pairs of new shoes, actually. They are really cool and make me feel better. I scored a pair of retros by Steve Madden. I believe he is currently in some posh prison serving time for tax evasion or something. I picked up a pair of Sketchers which will provide me with a feeling of “tallness” and I secured my first pair of sensible-age-appropriate shoes by Nunn Bush. The sensible shoes are brown. I’ve never had brown shoes before and have mixed feelings about them. I hope to bond with sensible soon. I really don’t want to wear any of them until the snow and salt go away. I hate those splotchy white marks I get on my shoes this time of year.

All of the snow we’ve gotten is starting to melt. Am sure there will be some flooding. Glad we are on the 6th floor! Am also needing to get my hair cut. …maybe tomorrow.

Oh! It looks like I’ve convinced Karl, Peter and Duncan into seeing the Puppetry Of The Penis in Boston! Looks like Tom might even grace us with his presence! Am all excited to see odd Australian men whip ’em out and do a puppet show! Knowing my luck all of the shows are probably sold out.

Visited Dr.Satan (AKA my pereodontist) again this afternoon. Looks like my mouth is finally healing and I will be ready to roll forward with more gum grafting in April. I am thrilled. Why did I have to shitty gums? Most annoying.

And, for the record, I am sick of hearing about and looking at Michael Jackson. Someone, stop this madness!

February 21, 2003. Uncategorized.

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