wimps and dummies

I get migraines. They cause a pain that can only be fully appreciated by fellow migraine victims. For various reasons, I am unable to take most of those cool wonder drugs that stop the pain. The best I can get are prescription grade ibuprofen. 800mg of ibuprofen does help, but they knock me out. Not sure why, but I am down and out when I take one. ? Anyway, as of late I’ve tried to toughen it up when it comes to migraines. The last several have not caused me to miss work. I just take Extra Strength Tylenol like candy and function through the day. Am certainly not at my best, but I am able to function. A few weekends ago I had a really bad one, which did prevent me from doing anything other than sleeping with my ibuprofen. Today, I wimped out. I woke up this morning at about 2am in full-tilt-migraine pain. By 6am I had resorted to my beloved prescription strength ibuprofen. I had to miss work. Ugh!!!

I am only just now starting to wake up. The pain still kills, but is no longer nearly as intense. I have to buck-up.

I have a commitment to assist with the roll-out of a motivational program called FISH to some folks at one of our other offices. It may look silly, but it is a beneficial tool for work teams. So, I now need to harness my “energy and potential” so that I can sufficiently sparkle for our presentation! I will also need to get my wimpy fat-ass to my office early in the am to pick up my laptop and then drive to New Hampshire. Let’s hope I can find my way to the New Hampshire office. I have no sense of direction, but I do have a great deal of faith — especially when I am sparkling! Then I will be trying to catch up all day Friday — and maybe this weekend. I can do it! I know I can!

I’ve always had a fear of dummies. Not idiots, but the puppets that bad comics sit on their laps to tell lame jokes. I wonder if anyone out there in blogland can remember the TV ad that was shown back in the late 70’s for the Anthony Hopkins/Ann-Margret thriller, MAGIC. It was an extreme close up of a dummy which spoke a poem about the threat of murder with really scary music in the background —- and, just before the screen faded to black the dummy�s eyes rolled up into the back of his head. Oh my God — I would get so freaked-out by that ad! I’ve tried to watch the movie on video since entering adulthood, but can never get too far into it. I get too creeped out when the dummy starts telling Anthony Hopkins to kill people. Come on, people! This makes The Exorcist look like a walk in the park!

So, you can only imagine the horror that ran through my blood when I saw THIS! Hope it didn’t scare you too much!

February 19, 2003. Uncategorized.

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