…And Still, He Expands

Am happy to report that Karl is fast on the mend!

Am most unhappy to report that all I’ve done is lie about watching DVD’s and eating loads of food. In between exciting things like napping I have taken care of Karl — which mainly means feeding him, ensuring he takes his medicine and changing his ice packs. However, he has been on his own since about 3pm when he took a bath. I’ve mostly been eating since then. I fear that I shall be purchasing my first pair of fat jeans soon. I am so annoyed with myself, but obviously not annoyed enough to stop stuffing my face. Ugh.

I guess I should note that am not fat, but fear I am going to get there if I don’t get off my ass, work out and stop eating all of this crap. Have been listening to Jimi Hendrex and Brigitte Fontaine tonight. Jimi was thin and Ms. Fontaine is even thinner. Still, I do not hate them because they are thinner than me. Hey! Wait a minute! Hendrix is long dead. So, I guess I can’t assume he would have retained his late 60’s slimness, but Brigitte is alive, well and ever-thin.

“Fat” is such an ugly word. “Over weight” is just so depressing to say. “Big-boned” is comical device. “Expanded” is my pref. word of choice.

I was thinking today that it might be sad for me and Karl when we’re old. No children to care about us when we get old. I am worried we could end up old, alone, bitter and totally self-involved. That would suck, but I figure it would be totally self-indulgent to pursue starting one of those “gay partners with child things” just to have someone else other than each other to care about us when we’re old. That would sort of be like having a marriage ceremony just to get gifts from our friends.

Yes. So I think the best thing might be to get some cats.

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Dental Woes II

Well, Karl’s wisdom teeth have been removed. I felt so bad for him — all pale and swollen. My hope is that I will be able to get some warm soup in him today — doctor said no hot food til Sunday. They ended-up having a hard time removing two of the teeth and extra drilling was required —- and per Jen’s comment post above, I guess it was a good thing that they knocked him out. It was also kind of cool to see Karl stoned. Tho, it should be noted he swears he was not out of it. I assume his happy smile and “la la like rocking” resulted from his happiness at having just had oral surgery! Ha!

It is also my hope that I can sneak out for a few today and have the oil changed in our car. Am also not too good at this whole nesting thing where you stay at home all day. Drives me nuts!

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Welcome to my Nightmare

Last night I had an odd dream. Everything in the dream was totally normal except that I had Dolly Parton’s voice whenever I spoke. It was most worrying.

Dental Woes

Karl is having all of his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. I will be taking care of him for the next couple of days. Poor thing — I am not much of a nurse. I do wish he hadn’t opted to be knocked out for the procedure. He just can’t deal with the idea of being able to hear what they are doing. I understand, but I would prefer he deal and just go with the novicaine. Oh well.

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Nicole’s fake nose…

Oh, one more thought — I saw “The Hours” Friday night and it was great. Well worth seeing! Nicole Kidman plays Virginia Woolf in this film and wears a very realistic-looking fake nose to conjure up the visual. The press has been going on and on about how clever it was to make Nicole Kidman look ugly — which really bothers me as Virginia Woolf was in no way ugly! Anyway, I have to say that Kidman pulled off a believable Virginia. As I was watching the film I got to thinking that this was the first time Nicole Kidman looked interesting to me. I think she should start wearing fake noses more often!

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Nice Weather for Ducks, but What Would Miss Kittin Do?

Am sipping lots and lots of water in hopes of avoiding chocolate cookies. It is time to stop my gradual expansion before I reach that point of no return when pecs become tits and waists turn to tires. Getting older just sucks and then you know that no matter how hard you work at it — you’re just going to die anyway. Part of me wants to buy some fat pants and have some major food fun. However, since one never knows when that exciting modeling career in Europe might come-a-calling —- I am forced to focus on my body and health.

Pete Townsend of the Who has admitted to paying to enter a kiddie porn site. He is claiming that he was only going to the site to see the horrors of what is actually out there on the internet. Sounds like a lame excuse to me, but who knows. I do know that this brings a whole new meaning to “Fiddle About” from “Tommy” On top of that the drummer from the Bee Gees died today — or maybe it was yesterday. It all strikes me as so sad. I was listening to “Nice Weather for Ducks” by Lemon Jelly as I read about all of this. I really enjoy Lemon Jelly and “Nice Weather for Ducks” is one of their best tracks. Now it is tainted for me. Whenever I hear the scratchy sound of the man singing, “All the ducks are swimming in the water…” I will think of a dead Bee Gee and wonder if Pete Townsend hurts children. ugh.

Am listening to the Future Bible Heroes now to cleanse my mind before heading into Boston for a fun afternoon.

You know, I have to learn a bit more about my template use so that I can provide links to things when I reference them in my blog. All of my fave bloggers do this! I figure if I put my mind to it I will be able to get more proficient with blogging and get myself in better shape! Gulp — a really big drink of water! Who needs chocolate cookies? Not me!

…well, maybe just one cookie won’t hurt. oy.

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I like to drive around in my car. Not so much because I like to drive, but because I love to sing. When I write “sing” I mean “sing” in the strongest sense of the word. We’re talking beltin’ out the tunes at the top of my lungs while speeding about the streets! It should also be noted that while I love to sing, I am unable to actually carry a tune. I used to sing in the shower, but as my poor pitch and tone offends the hubby — I am pretty-much relegated to singing in my car.

Anyway, I have noticed that I am better at singing along with certain recording artists than others. For example I do OK with The Ramones or Hole, but not so well with Blondie or Kate Bush. However, I do sing along particularly well with Don “Miami Vice” Johnson! I discovered this while singing along with the new Barbra Streisand compilation CD, “Duets” Now the duet Barbra recorded with Don was during their short romance in the late 80’s and it is definitely not a career highlight. I had almost erased the ‘cheezy’ song from my mind until this CD came out in November. But when the track started playing, the song came back to me as if it were 1988 all over again.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Don and I seem to be able to sing in the same flat manner! Of course, I wasn’t nearly as surprised as the car full of old ladies watching me from the safety of their SUV. They were watching me as if I was some sort of science project gone wrong and given a car. I guess I must get a little animated when I’m singing with Don Johnson. Oh well. I smiled and hit the high note with Don while Bab’s voice soared around us. I hit the gas and left the old ladies behind. Sadly my luck did not hold out for long. Soon Babs was crooning with the likes of Josh Grobhan and Frank Sinatra. It didn’t matter. I kept on singing anyway — and loving every minute of it!

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Came down with a migraine on my way to work this morning. Sucked it up and just dealt with it all day by taking huge doses of Tylenol. Got through the day, but am now searching for a spike to drive through my head in hopes of relieving this pain! ahhhhhh!

And, tonight ABC is sending us the first transmission of Celebrity Mole! Ah, yes — quality television! I can’t wait! I do believe that Anna Nicole Smith returns to the E! network this coming Sunday. Also, Phyllis Diller is the guest celebrity on “Star-Date” this weekend! Am all a-glow with excitement! I just don’t know if I can handle it!

And for those of us in the Boston area, the annual fetish fair returns to the gay south end on Sunday! This is always an interesting arena to check out. Color me there!

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Trashing the Critics!

Being a real movie nut, I have enjoyed this way-cool web site regarding film critics. I’ve attempted to add it as a link on the left side of my Blog page. If I entered it correctly it should read as “Kill”. I am just not swift enough to enter the link here, but the web address is http://www.die-critics-die.8m.com. Check it out!

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Is the name of The Flaming Lips recent CD — and it totally rules. If you’re not familiar, check it out — you might like it. For some reason this CD makes me think of The Polyphonic Spree. They are also great but wear creepy cult gowns and never fight pink robots.

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True Confessions…

Thus far I have avoided entering anything too private about myself as I do not know who may be looking at what I write. However, I feel the need to get something off my chest. I feel the need to come clean. I feel the need to share something very personal. So, with caution to the wind — I shall bare my most recent act of depravity — I purchased the new Christina Aguilera CD. …and I like it. I like it a lot. I think this purchase must be blamed on the fact that, deep within my being, lies the soul of a tormented 8th grade girl. And based upon the sounds coming from my CD player, this 8th grade girl has become a total slut. There you have it. …Me. Stripped. (sigh)

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My significant other, Karl, told me that I sneeze like a girl. I’ve never really thought much about the way I sneeze. I do not think I will start now.

However, if you should hear a girl sneeze —- keep in mind, it may not be a girl. It might be me.

I wonder if I cough more like a boy or a girl. Hmmmm…

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