Lazy Afternoon

The only thing I’ve done today is sit around in my pj’s watching DVD’s and a marathon of Dame Edna tv shows on the Trio Channel.

Wish I had something of interest to post. Oh well, if wishes were horses we would all take a ride —- excepting me, of course. I am terrified of horses. They creep me out. Recently, the Discovery Channel aired a showing of 2 horses mating. This only escalated my fear. …so, if wishes were horses I would just hide.

OK, back to the tv. Am planning to watch my “Shampoo” DVD. A Warren Beatty classic which I was forbidden to watch as a child.

Oh, I finally watched my “Madame Bovary” DVD. I enjoyed it a great deal and learned a bit about arsenic poisoning too! If this French film is correct, one tosses and turns a great deal, pukes bile and then dies. Not a pretty death. Oh, those silly French suicides!

January 26, 2003. Uncategorized.

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