Quite obviously, I need to work on my formatting. I thought I had my previous post all spaced-out (no pun intended!) and ready to roll. Instead there is just an endless paragraph. Oh well, I will get this sooner or later!

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Well, we never made it to Boston. Went to brunch here in Salem and are just now getting back to our cozy condo! Oh well. We’ll be leaving to join pals for dinner in about 3 hours. So, I guess one could say that today has been all about the food — and the friends, who we both cherish. However, if am not careful I will be expanding beyond reason if I don’t lay off all of this food. Hard to not indulge in all this great food with the holidays and the holiday parties. Guess I shall need to double my time at the gym.

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So, it is Sunday morning. My eyes are trying to stay open as I wait for friends to arrive for brunch. Wishing I had stayed in bed a little while longer. Looks like it is to be a cold but beautiful day to go into Boston and walk about the South End/Back Bay area watching all the pretty boys and other assorted shoppers! If only I could find the enrgy to wake up.

So I wrote a very nice entry for my new blogger site — but it never seemed to have posted.

And I ask, what would Debbie Harry do? I suspect she would do nothing and simply go outside and radiate coolness for all to see and admire. I do not have the ability to do that so I shall simply go to brunch and then waddle in to Boston for day filled with caffine and loads of chocolate surprises!

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