Domestic Life

Those who know me are all too aware that I am not particularly domestically-oriented. To me, the kitchen is sort of a dark space void of joy. The only major issue I have with our condo is that the kitchen is not a separate room — it is a part of our dining and living space. This means I am forced to see the kitchen all of the time. Ugh.

Anyway, I do not cook. I love to eat as my expanding belly shows, but the food I eat is always prepared others. The deal in our home is that Karl cooks and I clean. Fair trade-off as my attempts at cooking can be scary.

However, there are exceptions to every rule and there is one thing that I can cook well. My father was a good cook and he made awesome chili. His two secret incredients were sugar and beer. He showed me how to make chili during my last couple of years at home. I believe I do it exactly the same except I never put in any sugar. Anyway, it tastes good and I cook it once a year or so. We’re having two pals over tonight for my chili and holiday fun.

I just finished making the chili and it is simmering now. Am looking forward to this evening with our friends, but I have to say I did not have fun cooking. It’s a pain in the ass and our place smells like one big kitchen. I prefer the scent of candles.

December 21, 2002. Uncategorized.

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