I feel it is important to share something about myself and my relationship with the mass transit system in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I hate it. There seems to be a dark cloud hanging over me and the “T” (as it is called in New England!)

Now, before I list the reasons I hate the commuter rail and the MBTA subway system, please understand that I think mass transit is essential for city living. I also feel that if we all used it we could make great strides in the war against pollution. It also presents a method of affordable transportation for those of us not fortunate enough to have anyother way to get around. That said, I must list why I hate it.

The schedule is not compliant with my work or social life:

Typically, weekend parties run til 1am or so. Drinks/dancing at clubs with friends tends to run til about 2am. The last train out on a Saturday is 11:45pm. And, as for my work schedule, I am lucky to get out of the office by 7pm. Now, there is a 7:30 train and considering that I work in the Back Bay area of Boston — I should have plenty of time to get myself on the subway to get to the commuter rail station. We are talking about a matter of possibly 2 miles. For some reason I have a tend to step into subway cars which can only go approx. 5 mph. This means I normally arrive at the commuter station at 7:01. This means I get to sit on a bench for an hour.

Sitting on the commuter rail bench:

This could be a good time for me to read or simply listen to a bit of Led Zep with my Walkman. However, I am normally treated to being pulled into conversations with homeless persons who are more interested in discussing UFO’s or JFK conspiracy theories than just accepting my offer of $5 just to leave me alone.

The long ride home:

Normally spent sandwiched between a corporate whore (who seems to think his cell phone only works if he yells into the thumb-nail size of his receiver) and a socially-challenged individual (who is normally wearing 9 to 10 layers of winter gear and attempting to eat a grinder spilling over with onions and mustard) —- Ironically, it is both the coporate whore and the hungry defect who feel the need to tell me that my Walkman is too loud.

Body Odor:

I guess this could happen to anyone given certain circumstances of a bad and particularly hot day. However, why does it seem to alway seep out of every pore of the person with the grinder and all of those layers? …in winter?

The Heating System:

Too hot or too cold. These are my choices while riding home or to work. There is no in between.

Surly Teens:

…leaving a hockey game and riding home with me. No matter how loud I play “Kashmir” — all I can hear are screaming arguments about the game. I normally just turn off the CD and watch them to remind myself how lucky I am that I will never have children.

Not a “T” journey goes by when I don’t think of two things —– that I would much rather be stuck in traffic on Route 1 and that conversing with the homeless about the evils of “The Man” was a hell-of-a-lot more fun than riding the commuter rail home!

Ok — that is my randam rant for the day. I know that many of my friends enjoy the T and utilize as their alone time. All I can figure is that they must be catching a different tain than me!

December 18, 2002. Uncategorized.

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